As more and more enterprises start to bring containerized, cloud native applications into production, they are faced with the challenge of meeting traditional resilience requirements—including backup, disaster recovery, and mobility—for these new apps. Regardless of the platform choices, many organizations still require production applications and their data to meet specific service levels for data protection and long-term data retention. While these requirements may stem from external regulations, organizations often create their own standards in order to minimize data loss and downtime. 

Zerto has been a leader in the VM protection space for over 10 years, and when we ventured into expanding our platform for next-gen apps that utilize containers and Kubernetes, we quickly learned several new lessons. Zerto also engaged Enterprise Strategy Group, a leading analyst firm, to conduct a survey across geographies and industries to validate requirements and understand the state of data protection in the Kubernetes world.

In this session, we will share some of the key survey results and the design considerations that have shaped the “data protection as code” architecture for cloud native data protection. We will bust the myth that containerized applications on Kubernetes do not need data protection, and in turn, illustrate what next-gen apps require.

Presented by:

Deepak Verma, Director of Product Strategy @Zerto