Learn how to run a distributed Envoy-based service mesh on multiple Kubernetes clusters and multiple clouds in just a few steps with Kuma, a CNCF project. In this hands-on webinar, Marco Palladino – Kong’s CTO and Kuma maintainer – will be firing up Kubernetes clusters in multiple regions to demonstrate how we can secure, route, connect and observe service connectivity in a distributed service mesh.

With native Envoy support, Kuma provides a unique set of features in the service mesh landscape to reliably – yet easily – create a multi-mesh deployment across a complex network topology to address mission-critical production use cases on both containerized and VM-based workloads.

In this session, we will learn to:

  • Use Kuma’s multi-zone deployment to spin up a multi-cluster and multi-region service mesh.
  • Leverage the global/remote control separation to scale reliability with HA.
  • Use the built-in service discovery and ingress capability for out of the box service connectivity across multiple zones, clusters and regions.
  • Use Kuma’s policy to determine the behavior of traffic across different clusters, like Traffic Route, mTLS, Traffic Permission and so on


Marco Palladino, CTO & Co-Founder @Kong