Metal³: Kubernetes-native bare metal host management

CNCF Member Online program
Presented by: Ericsson Software Technology

Recorded: Thursday December 10, 2020

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Metal³ (“metal kubed”) is an open-source bare metal host provisioning tool created to enable Kubernetes-native infrastructure management. With Metal³ bare metal hosts can be managed via custom resources through the Kubernetes API. The Metal³ project is also building integration with the Kubernetes cluster-api project, allowing Metal³ to be used as an infrastructure backend for Machine objects from the Cluster API.
This presentation will introduce the project and its motivations and will provide an overview of what has been accomplished so far.


Maël Kimmerlin, Senior Software Engineer @Ericsson Software Technology

Feruzjon Muyassarov, Experienced Developer @Ericsson Software Technology

Pep Turro Mauri, Senior Software Engineer @Red Hat