Kubernetes may be changing the cloud world, but your average ops team still hasn’t gotten comfortable with Kubernetes as a new paradigm. This webinar will talk about the ways your team can go about getting complex configuration tasks right from the start, limiting security risk and ensuring stability. From managing configuration the hard way (manually), thru GitOps, or leveraging open source software solutions with Polaris (https://github.com/FairwindsOps/polaris), we’ll show the best practices for k8s config no matter your preferred method, and we’ll discuss large-scale implementations that have gotten it right, and some that haven’t.

John Wynkoop (Cloud CTO and Google Cloud Fellow from IGNW) and Kendall Miller (President of Fairwinds) will be hosting this webinar on auditing Kubernetes for best practices alignment through open source tooling.

Presented by:

Kendall Miller, President @Fairwinds

John Wynkoop, Cloud CTO @IGNW