Service Mesh Interface (SMI) is an open source specification for interoperable service meshes on Kubernetes. Launched in May 2019 and donated to the CNCF in March 2020, SMI encourages an open source, vendor-neutral service mesh ecosystem. SMI brings the cloud native community together with a standard which enables innovation by providing a common abstraction that anyone can build against. Join CNCF Ambassador Lachie Evenson (Microsoft) and SMI maintainers Thomas Rampelberg (Buoyant) and Stefan Prodan (Weaveworks) for a conversation on topics like what the spec covers and how it empowers end users to build upon ecosystem tools without needing to re-implement the underlying substrate.



Lachie Evenson, Principal Program Manager @Microsoft
Thomas Rampelberg, Software Engineer @Buoyant
Stefan Prodan, DX Engineer @Weaveworks