SIG Cloud Provider is an important SIG for the Kubernetes Community. It ensures that the Kubernetes ecosystem is evolving in a way that is neutral to all (public and private) cloud providers. It’s responsible for establishing standards and requirements that met by all providers to ensure optimal integration with Kubernetes. SIG Cloud Provider BaiduCloud is the emerging subproject of SIG Cloud Provider in China.In this webinar, we will mainly introduce BaiduCloud’s implementation details around Kubernetes Cloud Provider subproject. Baidu ranked top 10 in Kubernetes contributions worldwide 2019 and maintained more than 10 open source projects for Kubernetes ecosystem. We will share our experiences and lessons learnt with open source contributors and developers, and introduce our future roadmap around Kubernetes ecosystem.

SIG Cloud Provider是Kubernetes社区的重要SIG。它确保Kubernetes生态系统以对所有(公有和私有)云提供商中立的方式发展。同时SIG Cloud Provider负责建立所有云服务提供商必须满足的标准和要求,以确保与Kubernetes的最佳集成。 BaiduCloud是SIG Cloud Provider在中国的新兴子项目。在本次网络研讨会中,我们将主要围绕SIG Cloud Provider的标准介绍BaiduCloud的实现细节。 百度在2019年全球Kubernetes贡献中排名前10位,并为Kubernetes生态系统维护了10多个开源项目。 我们将与开源贡献者和开发者分享我们的经验和教训,并介绍有关Kubernetes生态系统的未来发展路线。

This webinar will be delivered in Chinese.