This webinar will be delivered in Chinese.

The SIG Cloud Provider is an important SIG for the Kubernetes Community. The aim of the SIG is to promote all cloud vendors to provide Kubernetes services with standard capabilities. SIG-Cloud-Provider-Alibaba is the only sub-project of SIG Cloud Provider in China.

In this webinar, we will introduce Alibaba Cloud’s plans for the Kubernetes community for the first time. At the product level, Alibaba Cloud provides a series of container products. In the field of open source, Alibaba Cloud provides 10 categories and more than 20 open source projects around Kubernetes, providing complete Kubernetes lifecycle management. We hope developers can interact with SIG-Cloud-Provider-Alibaba and participate in open source contributions.


志敏 阿里云高级技术专家,主要负责容器服务 ACK 等产品的研发;
初扬 阿里云技术专家, Kubernetes member 和 Kubernetes 子项目 cloud-provider-alibaba-cloud 的 owner


SIG Cloud Provider 是 Kubernetes 的重要兴趣小组,致力于推动所有云厂商以标准的能力提供 Kubernetes 服务。SIG-Cloud-Provider-Alibaba 是 SIG Cloud Provider 在国内唯一的子项目。

本次研讨会会首次完整介绍阿里云对 Kubernetes 社区的布局。在产品层面,阿里云提供了完整的容器产品家族;在开源领域,阿里云也围绕 Kubernetes 提供了十个类别,20 多个开源项目,提供了完整的 Kubernetes 生命周期管理。阿里云会依托 SIG-Cloud-Provider-Alibaba,寻求和开发者更密切的互动,也号召更多的开发者一起贡献。