Cloud native programming inherently involves working with remote network endpoints: microservices, serverless, APIs, WebSockets, SaaS apps and more. Ballerina is a programming language that is designed to make coding network constructs an inherent part of the language, and to bring code-first agility to the challenge of integrating across endpoints. Ballerina has first-class support for distributed transactions, circuit-breakers, stream processing, data-access, JSON, XML, gRPC and many other network endpoints. It deploys directly onto Docker and Kubernetes. It integrates with common IDEs including IntelliJ and Visual Studio Code. Sequence diagrams can be automatically generated from code. Ballerina is an open source project in Github.

In this talk Paul will explore Ballerina features and development – most of the talk will be a live demo together with some discussion of the motivation for creating a new programming language and the design inspirations. You can find out more at: