Hybrid cloud Kubernetes with Nodeless

CNCF Member Online program
Presented by: Elotl

Recorded: Wednesday June 10, 2020

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Program Speakers: Madhuri Yechuri, Founder @Elotl

Nodeless Kubernetes enables you to stretch a single Kubernetes control plane to schedule pods across heterogenous compute types (on-demand, pre-emptible, Fargate, ACI, etc) on multiple cloud providers (on-prem, AWS, GCP, Azure, etc). The webinar will enumerate the motivation for wanting a hybrid cloud control plane, provide an overview of the state of the art in open source Nodeless projects like virtual-kubelet and Kip, and call out current limitations. We will walk through a live demo of stretching an existing Kubernetes control plane to dispatch pods to a different cloud provider using virtual-kubelet and Kip.