In this webinar, you will learn how to choose the right proxy architecture for your micro-services and Kubernetes based application delivery to balance simplicity and benefits. This is THE most comprehensive and rigorous comparison of 4 architectures, which you always wanted to know but could not find anywhere.

We will exhaustively discuss pros and cons of following 4 architecture choices

  • Unified ingress
  • 2 tier ingress
  • Service Mesh Lite
  • Service Mesh


Key metrics for evaluation will include simplicity, efficiency, security, scalability, observability, integration with CNCF tools, impact on CI/CD strategy, advanced traffic engineering options, ease of deployment, skill sets required, team structure, and more. You will also learn real-life customers examples of which architecture they chose and why.

Both cloud native novice and experts will benefit from this session. Are you ready to build your own decision tree to select the right architecture, if yes, please attend this session?