The demonstrable power and flexibility of Kubernetes is a testament to the impact that open-source can have for a single developer or even at the scale of a global enterprise. For NetApp, the ramifications of K8s adoption are evident throughout the entire organization, from app development, IT operations, and devops, to end-users pursuing cloud enablement, or even the architectural design of cloud native storage services. The positive lasting effects of Kubernetes adoption are increasing on a weekly basis, as the organization continues to undergo an end-to-end incorporation of K8s and cloud native technologies.

Principal Technologist for DevOps, Chris Merz, and Product Manager for Kubernetes and Cloud Native Data, George Tehrani, are two leaders that help guide what comes next: the gaps, needs, and trends within NetApp internal systems, as well as end-user software and services. In this webinar, they will share about the NetApp Kubernetes journey, speaking to both internal transformations and challenges, as well as to end-user requirements for K8s integrations, as well cloud native storage capabilities. We will also take a look at the road ahead for unified persistence layers and full workload orchestration.