To meet regulatory and business continuity requirements, it’s critical that companies deploying a cloud-native strategy have the flexibility to deploy a multi-cloud application strategy. Major cloud vendors regularly experience outages, and organizations lose data as a result. Concerns around these outages and potential data loss, along with requirements for availability and reliability, are driving the need to be able to distribute business critical applications across multiple clouds. These concerns are changing the playing field for how companies will deploy distributed application in the cloud.

Register now for this webinar based on a case study with a challenger bank in Hong Kong. We’ll discuss how this bank is using the NuoDB SQL database and the Rancher Kubernetes Engine to provide distributed transaction processing across multiple clouds. Join us to learn:
Why multi-cloud environments are growing consideration for running core banking applications in the cloud
How to achieve optimal data protection and availability for your core banking applications
How new regulations pertaining to multi-cloud and persistent data applications may push Kubernetes to the next level