Linkerd 2.0 brings dramatic improvements to performance, resource consumption, and ease of use to Linkerd. With its minimal footprint and incremental approach, it’s designed to give service owners and platform owners the critical tools they need to be successful in a cloud native environment.

In this webinar, join William Morgan, core maintainer of Linkerd, as he shares a demo and introduces new Linkerd 2.0 features. William will be joined by Ben Lambert, CTO of Just Football, who will describe how Just Football uses Linkerd 2.0 in production to scale their wildly popular service in the face of massive amounts of traffic.

You can expect to learn how to:

  • Diagnose and identify instability and latency in your Kubernetes services.
  • Access granular level metrics on how each service is behaving.
  • Watch real-time requests and responses for all our container service debugging.

And more!