Data services for cloud native workloads

CNCF Member Online program
Presented by: Diamanti

Recorded: Tuesday May 12, 2020

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Program Speakers: Abhay Singh, Founding Engineer and Architect @Diamanti Shilpa Mayanna, Member of Technical Staff @Diamanti Naren Narendra, Director of Product Marketing @Diamanti

Data is the lifeblood of any application. A variety of storage services such as mirroring, snapshots, replication, backup and restore are utilized to protect data against failure and disaster scenarios (including human errors).

Achieving the requisite Recovery Point Objective (RPO) / Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for cloud native applications require the use of a combination of these storage services. This talk walks through the requirements and use of these storage services to deliver to an application required set of SLAs starting from an RPO/RTO of zero/zero.