Edge computing is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the growing availability of cloud and bare-metal providers offering flexible and affordable access to edge resources around the globe. The idea is based on moving core computational processes and storage to locations that are closer to the entities they interact with (e.g. end-users or IoT devices). The benefits come from improving network latency and user experience, reducing security risks, and minimizing data transfers to central cloud locations. Still, to a large extent, the edge computing ‘revolution’ lacks real-world references and technical experiments that illustrate the huge potential of this new technological paradigm. In this webinar we’ll show how to easily deploy K3s clusters at the edge for multiplayer gaming, using OpenNebula, Firecracker and Agones. We’ll combine these technologies to deploy at the edge a dedicated infrastructure for Xonotic, the well-known open source FPS multiplayer game. We expect this case study to inspire others to push the boundaries of what the edge will bring along for the CNCF community.