As teams have transitioned from applications that run exclusively on-prem to microservices applications that are built natively in the cloud, they have adopted the use of containers. Kubernetes has brought software development organizations newfound scalability and flexibility in the orchestration of their microservices based applications. Yet, all of that power doesn’t come without its own set of debugging challenges. 

In this talk, Josh Hendrick of Rookout will discuss what the traditional challenges of debugging Kubernetes based applications are and how real-time debugging of production workloads can help solve them. Then, I’ll dive into how real-time debugging works with Kubernetes applications. I will also discuss how all of this helps to increase developer velocity and improve the mean time to repair (MTTR) of often hard to reproduce issues. Through all of these points, I will demonstrate how to simplify the debugging of Kubernetes-based applications, thus allowing developers to get to the root cause of issues, faster.