Cloud Custodian, a CNCF incubate project, is leading governance as a code tool used by thousands of global organizations such as Capital One, Databricks, HBO Max, Intuit Inc, JP Morgan Chase & Co, Siemens, Premise Data, and Zapier. With the tool, organizations can use code to manage and automate the enforcement of policies for cloud cost optimization, security, compliance, and operations—without hindering developer velocity. Cloud Custodian now brings the same experience, vocabulary, and ergonomics to enforcing policies in the Kubernetes environments and IaC code (e.g., HashiCorp Terraform Language). Join us in the webinar to learn how to use Cloud Custodian to:Simplify and unify governance of your entire stack through a single, declarative language. Leverage automated remediation and workflows to resolve non-compliant resources quickly. Deploy secure guardrails while enabling our developers to innovate at the cloud scale.