Argo Workflows is a cloud-native workflow engine for orchestrating massive parallel jobs on Kubernetes that takes full advantage of being cloud-native and offers unparalleled speed, agility and simplicity, helping users reduce operational overhead and drive down cost. 

It enables users to run thousands of workflows every day each with thousands of steps described as multi-step sequences or dependency graphs (DAGs), which are commonly used for machine learning, data processing, CI/CD and infrastructure automation. 

Please join us for an in-depth look at what’s new and exciting in the recently released Argo Workflows 3.0 as Intuit Principal engineer and Argo Workflows maintainer Alex Collins takes us through the innovations and enhancements in this major release.

An easier to use and more robust UI, integration with Argo Events, artifact enhancements and controller high availability are just some of the features we’ll talk about and demo in this session.