While vulnerabilities detection became mainstream in the last couple of years, doing it effectively, at the right stages of SDLC, while relying on multiple sources in parallel, is stillchallenging. In this webinar we’ll introduce KubeClarity, an omni-potent comprehensive open source toolthat provides:1. Detection and management of Software Bill of Materials (SBoM) and software vulnerabilities2. Ability to digest container images or directories on a file system, having either binaries orsource code3. Scanning in both runtime K8s clusters and CI/CD pipelines, for enhanced software supplychain security4. Utilization of several existing content analyzers and vulnerability scanners of your choice inparallel, while combining their output to a unified result5. Group scanned resources (images/directories) under defined applications tonavigate the object tree dependencies (applications, resources, packages, vulnerabilities)6. License analysis for the sources scanned