Not all applications in the cloud native world have their open API specification available – andthis is especially true for legacy and/or external applications. When we try to utilize APIs orassess the risk of these APIs, having the open API specification is an essential and requiredbuilding block.In this webinar, we will introduce APIClarity, a new open source tool that will act as a Wiresharkfor APIs and, when installed in a Kubernetes environment, provide: Seamless documentation for all Open API specifications without code instrumentation ormodifying existing workloads Detection of API changes or drifts over time Identification of Zombie (deprecated) and Shadow (undocumented) APIs when given aprovided open API specificationWebinar Agenda and Key Discussion Points:1. Understanding the need for, and benefits of, open API specification reconstruction2. A survey of existing open source solutions for open API specification reconstruction3. An APIClarity demo4. Potential use cases of APIClarity for API security