Wait – you’re running packaged applications on Kubernetes, but you’re updating them from the command line? That just doesn’t seem right, does it?Today we can move beyond traditional ‘imperative’ package management approaches and instead use Kubernetes to ensure that packaged applications are automatically updated in the way that we need. Want to use the latest version of one package, but pick up only patch releases for another, all the time, automatically? Want to take advantage of GitOps to govern application updates? You can, with lightweight, easy-to-use Kubernetes tooling. And that’s just the beginning.This webinar expands on the ideas introduced in the Kubecon NA keynote of the same name. Join us for more in-depth look at how the Carvel project team is re-imagining package management for Kubernetes to bring you a modern, declarative way to automate end-to-end lifecycle management of packaged applications and their dependencies.