In the fast-evolving technology landscape, effective infrastructure governance is crucial to ensure the security, reliability, and cost efficiency of complex infrastructures. Policy-as-Code solutions, like Open Policy Agent (OPA), offer a powerful approach to address these challenges, and this livestream session will provide hands-on demonstrations of OPA in action.Furthermore, we will explore the integration of AI tools, including open-source solutions like AIaC, to assist in policy writing for various use cases. Attendees will witness how AI can streamline and optimize the creation of custom OPA policies, making the governance process more efficient and effective.Key Topics to Be Covered:Introduction to Policy-as-Code and Open Policy Agent (OPA)Benefits of Implementing Policy-as-Code for Infrastructure GovernanceLive Coding Session: Creating OPA Policies for Security, Reliability, and Cost OptimizationLeveraging AI for Policy Creation Across Different Use CasesBest Practices for Adopting OPA and AI Tools in Your Organization