This is a hands-on, code-along-with-us introduction to KubeFox Virtual Environments (VEs) withGoLang and Hasura. In under an hour, you’ll work with a test application in Kubernetes that hasmultiple backends, see how KubeFox enables developers to rapidly prototype, test differentversions of code, and visualize application behavior – without extensive configuration orDevOps overhead.You’ll see how KubeFox’s Virtual Environments empower developers as you spin up whatappear to be independent sandboxes. Behind the scenes, you’ll learn how KubeFox’sDeployment Distillation and Dynamic Routing work in concert to prevent over-provisioning.And we’ll finish with some simple modifications to the Virtual Environments themselves,enabling you switch the backend data store you’re using without deploying anything.This overview is approachable – even for those new to Kubernetes.PrerequisitesIf you go through the Quickstart at, it will ensure thatyou have the necessary tools available to code along with us. It’s all of the usual suspects forthe most part.