Modern cloud architectures, such as PaaS services, microservices, and serverless, have increased the complexity of managing modern applications and the cognitive load on developers. Platform engineering is a practice that enables the development team to deploy and manage their application services and dependent infrastructure resources on a self-service basis. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a crucial component of platform engineering practices. In this livestream, we will demonstrate how to use Seal Walrus (an open-source application platform) and OpenTofu to enable developer self-service, reduce complexity, manage polymorphic resources, and provide unified orchestration.

Quick Introduction:

What’s OpenTofu

Limitations of OpenTofu from Ops perspective and Dev perspective

Walrus introduction and core concepts

Demo:Walrus installation and OpenTofu integration

Ops side: connector, catalog&templates, resource definition, UI schema, etc.

Dev side: walrus file, cross resource reference, multi-cloud deployment, env clone&management, dependency graph, local mode, etc.

Future plan for the Walrus open-source project.Q&A