Kubernetes developers and operators lack the tools that app developers take for granted in programming languages: control flow, abstractions, IDE integration, and vendoring. These hard-won technologies amplify the effectiveness of a team, and make it easier to keep up in the fast-moving ecosystem of Kubernetes and related open-source projects.

As our modern applications are becoming more dependent on real-time data and event-driven services, it is important to enable development teams to create reliable streaming data pipelines that can scale with their business and bind declaratively. The “Serverless Eventing” model makes this easier.

In this session, you’ll learn:
1. How to leverage real programming languages to deploy/manage Kubernetes clusters and workloads.
2. Build production-ready stacks, and showcase how to operate your cluster and app lifecycles moving forward.
3. Build and Deploy a Serverless Eventing Bus and Pipeline.
4. Run a real-time streaming application.