Kubernetes has enabled large enterprises to operate container-based infrastructure at scale. This was a practical impossibility just a few years ago. As with most innovation, it has not eliminated complexity but instead shifted it from managing container deployments to managing your Kubernetes cluster. And there is only one way in a cloud-native system to do that effectively: automation. Argo has been the answer for New Relic to reliably manage a k8s-orchestrated data pipeline that ingests over 2 billion data points per minute. In this webinar, we will demonstrate details of how we use Argo CD and Rollouts to manage our canary deployment process in Kubernetes. In addition, we will go through more advanced automation opportunities that have opened up to us because we implemented this emerging CNCF toolset.

Presented by:

Al Kemner, Principal Software Engineer and Architect @New Relic

Daniel Jimbel, Staff Engineer @New Relic

Caleb Troughton, Product Manager, Telemetry Data Platform @NewRelic