Responding to emerging business or ever-changing competitive pressures to serve your customer needs require time and speed to market. Cloud native development requires both a change in applications and transforming development methodology. Developers who continuously update or release applications in-house require a stable and manageable platform that deploys at scale.

In this webinar, we will provide a brief overview and demonstrate the in-depth technical capabilities of SUSE Cloud Application Platform to boost developer productivity, reduce complexity, and increase IT efficiency with a single, lean, platform that brings together proven open source technologies for rapid application delivery at scale.

We will demonstrate how you may leverage an automated Quick Start reference deployment to deploy cloud native applications, validate application modernization projects and quickly test migration of existing Cloud Foundry environments on Amazon EKS. This implementation also allows developers to unlock new Project Eirini-based integrations in technical preview and utilize a complete Kubernetes-native, Cloud Foundry architecture as part of an automated deployment experience on the AWS Cloud.

Attend the webinar in order to learn how to apply for AWS credits to subsidize the cost of qualified proof-of-concept projects.

Learning Objectives:
• Discuss SUSE Cloud Application Platform as a PaaS solution for platform independent, native Kubernetes and differences between Diego Cell and Eirini based implementations with use-case examples.
• Quickly deploy SUSE Cloud Application Platform on Amazon EKS using the Quick Start. Demonstrate a full deployment and the scalable, elastic nature and benefits of Kubernetes on the AWS Cloud.
• Configure endpoints via Stratos web console and connect other AWS services, such as S3, EBS, RDB as well as other AWS Marketplace services using the AWS Service Broker and how you can deploy applications from GitHub with ease.