Curious about what Kubernetes-native backup is all about? Do you really need backup with Kubernetes? Do you think your Kubernetes environment will stay stateless? Why doesn’t your legacy VM-backup system work with containers?

We will dive into these questions and cover the below seven critical considerations for Kubernetes-native backup.

1. Kubernetes Deployment Patterns
2. DevOps and “Shift Left”
3. Kubernetes Operator Challenges
4. Application Scale
5. Protection Gaps
6. Security
7. Ecosystem Integration

Using demos with CNCF projects (Kubernetes, kind, CSI), we will show how recent Kubernetes releases allow you to implement a cloud-native backup strategy that will protect your business-critical data in a developer-focused platform. We will also cover the pitfalls of trying to retrofit legacy backup architectures into a cloud-native ecosystem but, more importantly, focus on the benefits of deploying a truly cloud-native backup solution.