CNCF Media Coverage Kubernetes 1.2 released March 18, 2016
Google has announced that its Docker container orchestration system, Kubernetes, has hit its 1.2 release.

CNCF Media Coverage
Silicon Angle: "Google transfers Kubernetes to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation" March 14, 2016
The Cloud Native Computing Foundation has said it’s selected Google’s Kubernetes container orchestration tool as its first containerization technology.

CNCF Media Coverage
Enterprise Tech: "Rival Camps try to ‘orchestrate’ container specs" March 14, 2016
The Cloud Native Computing Foundation is working with the Open Container Initiative to accelerate the adoption of containers and other micro-services along with cloud-based apps.

CNCF Media Coverage
CloudPro: "Cloud Native Computing Foundation picks Kubernetes as first container" March 11, 2016
Linux Foundation-supported CNCF wants to spur adoption of more open source cloud apps.

CNCF Media Coverage
The Register: "Cloud Native Computing Foundation adopts Kubernetes" March 11, 2016
Google-derived container code transferred to Foundation as its first project.

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Search Server Virtualization: "Building Docker infrastructure still tough, but maybe not for long" December 18, 2015
Docker could become the next generation compute platform, and even replace server virtualization, but the container technology has some growing up to do first.

CNCF Media Coverage
The Register: "Assembly of tech giants convene to define future of computing" December 18, 2015
A group of the tech world’s most influential forces signed up the Cloud Native Computing Foundation yesterday, and kicked off a technical board to review submissions.

CNCF Media Coverage
VMblog: "Cloud Native Computing Foundation announces new members, begins accepting technical contributions" December 17, 2015
CNCF announces new members from across the industry, its formal open governance structure and new details about its technology stack.

CNCF Media Coverage
The New Stack: "Cloud Native Computing Foundation seeks clarity for a world of container confusion" December 17, 2015
CNCF seeks to lessen this container confusion while advancing the development of cloud-native applications and services.

CNCF Media Coverage
Light Reading: "Linux group building cloud app infrastructure" December 17, 2015
The Cloud Native Computing Foundation, launched earlier this year, fleshed out its mission Wednesday with new members and technology details.