CNCF Media Coverage
ITProPortal: "Five things the KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2019 run-up reveals about Kubernetes and Cloud Native" May 16, 2019
The growth of container application packaging and delivery technology has exploded. In a survey conducted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, 73 percent of respondents are currently using containers in production today, with the remaining 27 percent plan...

CNCF Media Coverage "DevOps Chat: OPA and the CNCF, with Torin Sandall" May 13, 2019
The Open Policy Agent (OPA) was accepted for incubation by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

CNCF Media Coverage
SearchITOperations: "Study tips to ace the CNCF's CKA exam" May 7, 2019
IT certifications are an IT admin’s superpower, lending official credibility to technology expertise. Know what to expect — and practice — to become Kubernetes certified.

CNCF Media Coverage
TFiR: "Rook V1.0 is here" May 2, 2019
The Rook v1.0, the first major release of the open source cloud native storage orchestrator for Kubernetes, is here! The code base has matured through a series of minor releases, starting with the humble beginnings of v0.1 and...

CNCF Media Coverage
Packt Hub: "Linkerd 2.3 introduces Zero-Trust Networking for Kubernetes" April 19, 2019
This week, the team at Linkerd announced an updated version of the service mesh, Linkerd 2.3.

CNCF Media Coverage
SDxCentral: "Kontainer Korner: CNCF welcomes CRI-O, graduates Fluentd" April 14, 2019
The revolving door of hosted projects within the Cloud Native Computing Foundation continued to turn this week as the organization welcomed in a new incubated project and saw one of its prized pupils walk the graduation stage.

CNCF Media Coverage
ZDNet: "Cloud Native Computing Foundation adopts Kubernetes-friendly container runtime" April 10, 2019
Red Hat’s Container Runtime Interface — Orchestrator (CRI-O) — is now a CNCF incubation level project.

CNCF Media Coverage
DevClass: "And another one: CNCF accepts CRI-O into incubator" April 9, 2019
Red Hat initiated CRI-O, an OCI-based (Open Container Initiative) implementation of the Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface, is the latest project voted into the ranks of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

CNCF Media Coverage
Container Journal: "CNCF formally adopts CRI-O runtime for Kubernetes" April 8, 2019
The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) announced today that a container runtime designed specifically for Kubernetes has been formally accepted as an incubation project.

CNCF Media Coverage
SDxCentral: "CNCF remains focused as cloud native interest soars" April 3, 2019
The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) might not be the largest open source organization or even the largest group under the broader Linux Foundation umbrella, but it has been one of the fastest growing thanks to such hosted...