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Using CoreDNS effectively with Kubernetes

June 11, 2021 By Sanket Sudake

Guest post originally published on InfraCloud’s blog by Sanket Sudake, tech lead, open source contributor at InfraCloud Backstory We were increasing HTTP requests for one of our applications, hosted on the Kubernetes…

CNCF Staff Blog Post

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2021 – Virtual Conference Transparency Report

June 11, 2021

With the challenges that have been brought on in the last year, and as we shift into new routines, cloud native has remained front and center of the digital transformation efforts keeping…

CNCF Member Blog Post

TiKV + SPDK: Pushing the limits of storage performance

June 10, 2021 By Ke'ao Yang

Guest post originally published on PingCAP’s blog by Ke’ao Yang, Software Engineer at PingCAP At the heart of modern software is layered abstraction. In abstraction, each layer hides details that are not…

CNCF Community Blog Post

Introducing Kubernetes Community Days Bengaluru 2021

June 9, 2021 By Neependra Khare

Community Guest Post by Neependra Khare, founder of CloudYuga and CNCF Ambassador Kubernetes Community Days (KCD) Bengaluru 2021 is the inaugural KCD event in India completely organized by the community, for the…

CNCF Project Blog Post

Harbor operator 1.0 is available now!

June 9, 2021 By Steven Zou

Harbor is a CNCF Graduated project, creating an open source trusted cloud native registry project that stores, signs, and scans content. A Kubernetes operator is a method of packaging, deploying, and managing…

CNCF Member Blog Post

What is eBPF and why does it matter for observability?

June 7, 2021 By Lavanya Chockalingam

Guest post originally published on New Relic’s blog by Lavanya Chockalingam, Senior Product Marketing manager at New Relic Working within the Linux kernel is ideal when implementing security, networking, and observability features….

CNCF Member Blog Post

Compute and storage should be decoupled for log management at scale

June 4, 2021 By Tito George

Guest post originally published on The New Stack by Tito George, co-founder, logic.ai Most log management solutions store log data in a database and enable search by storing an index of the…

CNCF Staff Blog Post

#TeamCloudNative goes live with 10 shows on Twitch

June 3, 2021

We are ecstatic to announce the launch of 10 new community shows on CloudNative.tv starting on June 7th. CNCF launched livestreaming on Twitch at the beginning of the year with Cloud Native…

CNCF Project Blog Post

Flux June 2021 update

June 2, 2021 By Daniel Holbach

As the Flux family of projects and its communities are growing, we strive to inform you each month about what has already landed, new possibilities which are available for integration and where…