New members support efforts to nurture agile, maintainable and interoperable cloud native technologies

SEATTLE – DockerCon – June 20, 2016 – The Cloud Native Computing Foundation, a Linux Foundation project and organization dedicated to advancing the development of cloud native applications and services, today announced that ChaoSuan, Crunchy Data, Qbox, Inc., StorageOS, and Treasure Data have joined the Foundation to accelerate the adoption of cloud native technologies and advance the open source ecosystem. Pioneered by internet companies to achieve the scale and operational efficiency, cloud native technologies are gaining tremendous support from enterprises of all kinds.

According to IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Cloud 2016 Predictions report, by 2018, more than 60 percent of new applications will use cloud-enabled continuous delivery and cloud-native application architectures to enable faster innovation and business agility. Cloud native architectures enable applications to be ported among any number of clouds, allowing companies to transport whole web-scale applications from one cloud to another.

Today’s diverse new members are investing in the Foundation’s initiatives to enable faster innovation and create nimble and robust systems. As cloud native continues to evolve, enterprises will benefit from the open source community’s excellent innovation, while still having a consistent, predictable, repeatable, and reliable infrastructure to run their organizations and drive business value.

“Cloud native is not a single architecture. Companies have multiple use cases that have quite different approaches and technologies, which is why the Cloud Native Computing Foundation continues to attract a diverse set of members committed to reducing market confusion and inertia,” said Dan Kohn, executive director of Cloud Native Computing Foundation. “We are thrilled to welcome another member in China – ChaoSuan – while storage, database, IaaS and search functionality are other key concerns with web-scale computing that Crunchy, Qbox, StorageOS, and Treasure Data address.”

Backed by many of today’s most important technology companies and startups, CNCF’s goal is to alleviate scalability and efficiency challenges to empower any company to run their infrastructure in a consistent cloud-native way. The five new CNCF members will join a growing group of members that includes well-known cloud technology and enterprise software companies, academic members and end users, as well as a rapidly growing community.

About the newest members:

ChaoSuan Science & Development Co., Ltd, is one of the very first companies in China to provide a one-stop, full ecosystem of IoT solutions for enterprises-covering IoT chip, data collection, IoT cloud, remote monitoring and diagnostics, big data, and more. ChaoSuan helps enterprises upgrade outdated industrial equipment into smart, connected devices-helping to build competitive advantage in today’s big data landscape.

“At ChaoSuan, we believe that cloud native computing is the future of modern infrastructure, and we look forward to officially joining the Cloud Native Computing Foundation community,” said Alex Yang, chief executive officer of ChaoSuan. “Our contributions to and involvement with this project will ensure that our company stays apprised of today’s state-of-the-art application development technologies, so we can continue to provide the most advanced, innovative solutions to our enterprise clients.”

Crunchy Data is a leading provider of 100 percent open source PostgreSQL DBMS and enterprise PostgreSQL technologies, support and training. Crunchy’s mission is to help organizations accelerate innovation and success by leveraging the most advanced and cost-effective open source object-relational database platform as the foundation for their application infrastructures. Crunchy Data is investing in technologies and best practices that will allow PostgreSQL to be used in modern application architectures. Combining the agility provided by cloud native with the power of the most advanced open source database will allow organizations to build new innovation as never before.

“With Crunchy leading the charge in bringing PostgreSQL database into the cloud native world, we are thrilled to join the Cloud Native Computing Foundation as we believe that cloud native architectures based on containers and microservices have real potential to accelerate innovation for any organization,” said Crunchy CEO Bob Laurence. “We plan to become actively involved in CNCF efforts around supporting databases and storage within cloud native architectures. Crunchy is investing heavily in establishing PostgreSQL as a first-class citizen in a containerized environment. Leveraging containers and microservices to run and manage PostgreSQL instances will allow organizations to leverage the most advanced open source database in their cloud native application architectures.”

Qbox is a startup operating a cloud-based version of the Elasticsearch open source search database. The company makes it easier for enterprises to deploy and maintain services, install, configure, network, secure, and monitor Elasticsearch clusters. Qbox’s platform reduces the challenges of building search applications and is deployed in several locations within the Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer, and Rackspace clouds. Qbox also provides an open source datacenter management system based on Kubernetes called Supergiant.

“As the creator of Supergiant, an open source datacenter management system based on Kubernetes, we felt that joining CNCF would be a great opportunity to support the platform that is so crucial to our development,” said Mark Brandon, cofounder and chief executive officer of Qbox. “From our own experience, switching to Kubernetes and cloud native systems allowed us to decrease our AWS bills by 50 percent without sacrificing performance or stability. This five-figure sum, that goes straight to our bottom line each month, has convinced Qbox of the necessity for enterprises to innovate and operate through cloud native technologies.”

StorageOS provides container-based storage software that makes it easier for enterprises and software developers to create, test, deploy, scale, and rebuild containerized applications with enterprise-class production storage. The software-based storage solution improves application development and testing by automating the management of persistent containerized storage, increasing scale and availability, and securely moving data between servers, virtual machines or clouds. Following the beta launch later this month, a StorageOS Kubernetes plugin will be open-sourced as the Kubernetes community is essential to the strategy of StorageOS.

“StorageOS is proud to join the Cloud Native Computing Foundation because of the leadership it provides to the cloud native development ecosystem and operations market,” said Chris Brandon, co-founder and chief executive officer of StorageOS. “Its mission to harmonize emerging technologies and foster innovation in the container market aligns perfectly with the StorageOS vision. We want to help the industry understand the role storage plays for these new technologies – as we enable organizations to deploy storage alongside applications in a cloud native manner. So one of our first contributions to CNCF will be to organize an end-user storage special interest group (SIG).”

Treasure Data is an end-to-end cloud service for the entire big data pipeline of collection, storage and analysis. Treasure Data brings data to life by breaking down data silos and making them accessible for the right teams at the right time. The company offers a flexible and robust platform that empowers businesses to collect and store millions of events every second – from hundreds of data sources – and process them in seconds – all without any need for managing infrastructure. Treasure Data is the original creator and primary sponsor of Fluentd, the open source log collector. Prometheus is a popular destination for Fluentd, it has an ongoing collaboration with Kubernetes, and is supported in Docker’s Logging Driver API.

“For us, joining the Cloud Native Computing Foundation is a natural and logical step in demonstrating our commitment and continued partnership with cloud native software like Kubernetes, Prometheus and Docker,” said Hiro Yoshikawa, CEO of Treasure Data. “Cloud Native enables applications to be deployed in a data collection friendly way. We believe open source and building an open ecosystem, where tools can be plugged into each other and community participation is encouraged, will lead to more companies embracing the cloud native approach.”

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