Membership FAQ

If you have a question that is not answered below, please reach out to us via the CNCF Member Desk.

I’m the new point of contact for my organization’s CNCF membership. Where do I start?

Welcome! To schedule a welcome call, please reach out to In the meantime, please check out these membership resources:

What are the different membership contact roles and their responsibilities?

  • Representative/Voting Contact
    • This is the primary contact for your membership. 
    • The Voting contact holds voting rights in relevant elections, should assist with any billing or invoicing related questions, and acts as the approver for distributing membership benefits, where applicable.
    • This role needs to be filled by one specific person, not an alias.
  • Billing Contact
    • The billing contact receives all invoices and related communications, and is responsible for providing Purchase Orders, if your organization requires one. 
    • You may have more than one billing contact and we encourage you to do so. It’s important that you provide both the email address for submitting invoices as well as the email address for the person responsible for payment.
  • Marketing Contact
    • The marketing contact is invited to the CNCF Marketing Committee mailing list as well as the monthly marketing meetings. 
    • The marketing contact gets to vote in relevant Marketing Committee Chair elections. 
    • This role needs to be filled by a specific person, not an alias.
    • You may add as many people to the Marketing communications as you wish – they do not need to be the named Marketing contact.
  • Technical Contact

To update your membership contacts, you have two convenient options:

How do I add my colleague to a mailing list or meeting invitation?

Please submit a ticket to the CNCF Member Desk. If you do not have access, please reach out to

How do I join CNCF’s Slack Channel?

Please request an invitation to our Slack channel.

How do I update my billing address or other information on my membership invoice?

Please submit a ticket to the CNCF Member Desk. If you do not have access, please reach out to

What are my company’s membership benefits and how do I access them?

Please review the Member Benefits table on the Membership Hub page as well as our Membership Participation Guide. We also encourage you to review our Member Welcome slide deck. If you have any questions, please contact

What are my company’s training and certification benefits and how do I access them?

Please review the benefits table on our Join page to determine your company’s LF Training & Certification benefits.  To access these benefits, please reach out to or submit a ticket with the LF Training team here.

How do I submit blog content or articles to CNCF?

Submitting content to CNCF is simple:

How do I participate in CNCF’s Online Programs?

Please review our Online Programs guidelines and submission process. Reach out to with any questions

What is the process to become a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP)?

That’s great news! Here are the next steps:

  • Confirm that you meet the KCSP Program Requirements:
    • Be a CNCF and LF member
    • Have three or more engineers at your company who have passed the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam. (Please note: the CKAD exam does not count towards this requirement)
    • Have a business model to support enterprise end users, including engineers working directly with customers onsite or remotely
    • Have a Kubernetes professional services landing page on your website that details your training, consulting, implementation, and support service offerings. This landing page needs to include text in English in addition to any other languages.
  • Submit the KCSP Application. In addition to your contact info, you’ll be asked to upload your three CKAs from above as well as provide a company description and URL to your Kubernetes Services landing page.

What is the process to become a Kubernetes Training Partner (KTP)?

That’s great news! Here are the next steps:

  • Confirm that you meet the KTP Program Requirements
  • Submit the KTP Application. In addition to your contact info, you’ll be asked to provide detailed information about your training services and capabilities, as well as supporting information about your training staff.

How do I update my logo or company information on the CNCF member page or Cloud Native Landscape?

To update your information with us, please open a pull request in GitHub or submit a Member Desk ticket.

Please note that our Landscape pulls some corporate data (location, funding, social channels, etc.) from Crunchbase.

How can I engage with the CNCF community? What opportunities are available for participation in committees, working groups, and other communication channels? What types of contributions are they seeking?

Please review the following resources to learn about different ways you can get involved in the CNCF Community:

  • CNCF Community Calendar – Stay updated on upcoming events, meetings, and activities within the CNCF community.
  • CNCF Public Mailing Lists – Join discussions, share insights, and collaborate with peers across various topics and projects.
  • CNCF Contributor Guide – Access resources and guidelines to kickstart your contributions to CNCF projects and initiatives.
  • CNCF Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) – Contribute expertise and insights to technical discussions and decision-making processes within specific focus areas.
  • CNCF Member-Only Groups – Gain access to exclusive resources and opportunities by submitting a request through the CNCF Member Desk. These include:
    • CNCF Marketing Committee – this includes a private mailing list and monthly member-only meeting. 
    • Employees of CNCF End User companies have access to a private end user mailing list, monthly meetings, and user groups.

The CNCF community welcomes diverse contributions, including but not limited to technical expertise, marketing insights, and user feedback. Whether you’re interested in shaping technical standards, promoting CNCF projects, or connecting with fellow industry professionals, there’s a place for you to make an impact.

How do I submit a job posting to the CNCF Job Board?

CNCF Members can submit free Featured Job Postings! The discount code for free featured posts can be found in the Marketing Committee meeting slides each month. If you don’t have access to those slides, please submit a ticket in the CNCF Member Desk to receive the code.