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CNCF Member Webinar

Enhancing your Control over Kubernetes with Spinnaker and Continuous Delivery

Recorded on Tuesday May 8, 2018

Developers have to deal with a huge number of tools that all have to work together in order for you to deliver software. By orchestrating resources such as containers and services, Kubernetes…

CNCF Member Webinar

Deploying and managing Kubernetes-ready apps with Kubeapps

Recorded on Tuesday April 24, 2018

Kubeapps is a tool for supercharging your Kubernetes cluster with Helm-packaged apps and Kubeless functions. With Kubeapps, you can browse, launch and manage apps, create and test Kubeless functions, and browse and…

CNCF Member Webinar

Kubernetes in Docker for Mac

Recorded on Tuesday April 17, 2018

Kubernetes was recently introduced in desktop editions of Docker. In this session, you will relive the whole journey of this major change from the hypervisor to the user experience, and discover the…

CNCF Member Webinar

Getting Helm to be Enterprise-ready

Recorded on Tuesday April 3, 2018

Package managers are hard. Helm learned a lot of lessons from others’ mistakes, but also repeated some. For example, having a single index file per repository is not scalable. It’s the same…

CNCF Member Webinar

Writing less YAML – using jsonnet and kubecfg to manage Kubernetes resources

Recorded on Tuesday March 20, 2018

Using YAML and kubectl is an easy way to describe simple Kubernetes workloads, but the devil is in the detail when you want to change “just” a few bits here and there…

CNCF Member Webinar

Building serverless application pipelines

Recorded on Tuesday March 6, 2018

The serverless paradigm is bringing a new type of applications to the forefront of application architecture. Distributed, containerized, scalable, event-driven and ephemeral with fine grained billing. In this talk we will go…

CNCF Member Webinar

Taking serverless and AI to the next level

Recorded on Tuesday February 27, 2018

The two most trending technologies today are AI and serverless and surprisingly enough, they even go well together to enable agile and intelligent businesses. In this session, Yaron Haviv from iguazio and…

CNCF Member Webinar

Deployment strategies on Kubernetes

Recorded on Wednesday February 13, 2019

A practical look at the different strategies to deploy an application to Kubernetes. We list the pros and cons of each strategy and define which one to adopt depending on real world…

CNCF Member Webinar

Machine learning in the datacenter

Recorded on Tuesday February 6, 2018

The combination of the potential behind machine learning (ML) and AI and its sudden accessibility in the form of open source libraries has led to an explosion of excitement about it. But…

CNCF Member Webinar

Best practices for using developer tooling to drive operations with GitOps

Recorded on Thursday November 9, 2017

More and more businesses are requiring developers to own end-to-end delivery, including operational ownership. In this webinar, Alexis Richardson (CEO, Weaveworks) will take you on a journey of discovery into the world…