This past week, Kubernetes flew passed 10,000 commits and 1,500 forks. This kind of momentum is extremely unique for any open source project. It’s also worth noting that no other container clustering / orchestration technology available even comes close to this pace, on top of the fact that Kubernetes is only 10 months old!

GitHub pulse:


Docker Los Angeles DevOps for Sony Playstation Streaming ( by Docker Los Angeles (

Applications on OpenStack with Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, and the Murano Application Catalog ( by Vishnu Kanan (


Apache Spark on Google Container Engine ( by Matthew Farrellee (

Technical / Integrations

Kubernetes clusters with Oh-My-Vagrant ( by James Shubin (


Building on Kubernetes: Bringing Google-Scale Container Orchestration and Management to the Enterprise ( by Joe Fernandes (

The Container Revolution: DevOps 2.0 ( by Martin Hamilton (

Google Kubernetes tops Docker for container orchestration ( by Trevor Jones (

Weekly Kubernetes Community Hangout Notes – April 24 2015 by ( Kubernetes Blog (

Meetups This Week

May 4th: Overview of etcd and it’s use in container orchestration ( in Madison, WI

May 6th: Docker Meetup with Joyent at New Relic ( in San Francisco, CA

May 6th: Praktisk introduksjon til GO ( in Grimstad, Norway

May 6th: Kubernetes with Red Hat and Docker with John Willis ( in Austin, TX

May 7th: Building Clustered Applications with Kubernetes and Docker ( in Windcrest, TX

May 7th: 1000 members + belated Docker 2nd birthday ( in Amsterdam