This past week we had a lot of great blog posts and some exciting new integrations. The great team at ClusterHQ launched their Kubernetes integration with Flocker, Juniper posted about early work integrating Kubernetes with OpenContrail and more.

Total contributor count to Kubernetes is now at 324. Overall, quite an active week!

GitHub pulse snapshot:

Technical / Integrations

OpenShift Commons Briefing: Scheduling Pods for High Availability ( by Abhishek Gupta (

Deploying Meteor Apps into a Kubernetes Cluster Introduction ( by Arunoda Susiripala (

Data migration with Kubernetes and Flocker ( by Kai Davenport (

Kubernetes and OpenContrail ( by Pedro Marques (


Will containers kill the virtual machine? ( by Brandon Butler (

Kubernetes: The Future of Cloud Hosting ( by MeteorHacks (

Round up from the Kubernetes London meetup / Vol.2: Visualisations, sub-atomic particles and scaling ( by Daniel Bryant (

Making Kubernetes a first-class citizen on the DCOS ( by Mesosphere (

User friendly container cluster networking with Kubernetes ( by Jon Langemak (

Borg: The Predecessor to Kubernetes ( (HN ( ) by David Oppenheimer (

Container wars: Microsoft debuts its Windows-based answer to Kubernetes ( by SiliconANGLE (


The Cloudcast #188 – The ContainerPocalyse Ahead ( by The Cloudcast (


Container clusters with Kubernetes ( by Tim Hockin (

Meetups This Week (focusing on or incl. Kubernetes content)

April 27th: Hands-on Workshop: Deploy Your First App on Cloud Foundry ( in Palo Alto, CA

April 28th: Talks & Drinks ( in Netherlands

April 29th: How to orchestrate Docker containers in AWS with Salt ( in Addison, TX

April 29th: Hacking DevOps: How to Use Containers to Automate DevOps & Build What You Love ( in Seattle, WA

April 30th: Applications on OpenStack with Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry and Murano ( in Mountain View, CA

April 30th: Openshift Enterprise V3 Talk & Demo in ( Atlanta, GA