Major headlines this past week:


Large-scale cluster management at Google with Borg ( by Google (


Kubernetes RC 0.15.0 ( – Exciting new milestone release candidate on the path to v1


ContainerCamp: Kubernetes and Container Management ( by Tim Hockin (


Container Wars ( by Paul BIggar (

Time for the Enterprise Container Conversation ( by Steve Chambers (

Weekly Kubernetes Community Hangout Notes for April 17 ( by Kubernetes Team (


Keycloak on Kubernetes with OpenShift ( by Marko Strukelj (

Using Fabric8 with Kubernetes and OpenShift ( by James Stachan (

Dynamic Kubernetes installation/configuration with SaltStack ( by Jon Langemak (


Kubernetes & OpenStack Integration Panel – Future of Software Defined Data Center ( by Mirantis ( , Intel ( , Redapt ( , Google ( and Kismatic (

Meetups Next Week (focusing on or incl. Kubernetes content)

April 21st: Kubernetes Meetup #2 ( in Mountain View

April 22nd: CoreOS’s Kelsey Hightower: Managing Containers at Scale w/ CoreOS & Kubernetes ( in Berlin

April 26th: OpenStack 西安 Meet Up April ( in Xian