This past week, Kubernetes grew by 10 new committers to 293 as of today! We also have some real gems in this weeks update, from a new persistence integration to first-class Pods support in CoreOS to press about Kismatic by The New Stack.

Github Pulse snapshot:

Each week, we will cover everything interesting that happened in the previous week and the coming events in the week ahead.


Joseph Jacks ( from Kismatic launched a new Meetup in SoCal for the emerging Kubernetes community:

Jonathan Baier ( from CloudTP is presenting a webinar next week on cross-cloud container orchestration:

Arun Gupta ( ’s great presentation at JavaLand a couple weeks ago on packaging Java applications using Docker and Kubernetes was recorded and finally uploaded to YouTube:


Milind Bhandarkar ( (one of the founders of Hadoop) was at the Hive meetup last week channeling Cloudera co-founder Mike Olson ( ’s Q&A from the audience. Kismatic’s Joseph Jacks chimed in and Mike’s answer was great to hear/read:

Mark Boyd ( from The New Stack wrote about some of Kismatic’s plans and recent contributions:

Brian Gracely ( tweeted about the leading companies behind next-generation OSS for cluster scheduling:

Joseph Jacks ( answered a question on Quora about who is running Kubernetes in production:


Jonathan Boulle ( from CoreOS provides an update via a blog on the rkt updates to the latest version of the appc spec, which introduces pods. “Pods encapsulate a group of Application Container Images and describe their runtime environment, serving as a first-class unit for application container execution”:

Jon Langemak ( is back again this week (like clockwork) with a terrific post on building a powerful logging aggregation system on top of your Kubernetes cluster using Fluentd, Elasticsearch, and Kibana addons:

Patrick Galbraith ( shared two more updates on this blog. First, running a Galera cluster on Kubernetes and then some updates on a previous post:,percona,kubernetes,coreos,docker,vmware/2015/04/01/galera-cluster/,coreos,docker,vmware/2015/03/30/document-update/

Huamin Chen ( shared a post on his contributions around using GlusterFS as a persistent storage layer for Kubernetes:

New Advancements

During the weekly Kubernetes hangout, Quinton Hoole proposed an exciting new Kubernetes cluster federation model, “Ubernetes”:

Upcoming Meetups:

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