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The editors pick the highlights from the past week.

Kubernetes Podcast from Google: Crossplane, with Daniel Mangum

CNCF sandbox project Crossplane lets you automate creation of infrastructure using Kubernetes APIs. Daniel Mangum is a Crossplane maintainer working at its creator Upbound, a TL of Kubernetes SIG Release, and a YouTube streaming star. He chats about tech with host Craig Box, who is helped this week by returning guest Ken Massada from the GKE Support team.

CNCF TOC votes to move Flux from Sandbox to Incubation

The CNCF Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) has voted to promote Flux from the CNCF Sandbox to an incubating project. The Flux project provides a complete Continuous Delivery (CD) platform on top of Kubernetes, supporting standard practices and tooling in the ecosystem.

The technical

Tutorials, tools, and more that take you on a deep dive into the code.

Helm 2nd Security Audit
Helm project

Ask an OpenShift Admin (Ep 21): Etcd – the heart of the control plane
Andrew Sullivan, Chris Short, Anandnatraj Chandramohan, Red Hat

Meet Brigade 2
Kent Rancourt, Brigade

Top 20 Dockerfile best practices
Álvaro Iradier, Sysdig

Breaking down and fixing etcd cluster
Andrei Kvapil

Hierarchical resource quotas come to GKE

10 Kubernetes security context settings you should understand
Eric Smalling and Matt Jarvis, Synk

Goodbye minikube (Hello KinD)
Nicolas Fränkel

Jetstack Preflight
Automatically perform Kubernetes cluster configuration checks using Open Policy Agent (OPA)

NetworkPolicy Editor: Create, visualize, and share Kubernetes NetworkPolicies

CNCFMinutes 1 – OPA (Open Policy Agent)
Saiyam Pathak

Simplifying object storage as a service with Kubernetes and MinIO’s operator
Daniel Valdivia, MinIO

ICYMI: CNCF online programs this week

A weekly summary of CNCF online programs from this week.

Deploying K3s at the edge for multiplayer gaming
Marco Mancini, OpenNebula

Kubernetes Community Days: Ask me anything
Bill Mulligan, CNCF

The editorial

Articles, announcements, and more that give you a high-level overview of challenges and features.

A look inside the KubeCon + CloudNativeCon schedule selection process
CNCF Staff Blog Post

Kubernetes Infrastructure: know the inner dev loop
Vignesh T.V., The New Stack

k0s 0.11 released

Google Summer of Code 2021 mentoring organizations announced

Harbor 2.2 and 2021 roadmap

47 things to become a Kubernetes expert
Yamamoto Hirotaka

Kubernetes is not just about containers — It’s about the API
Viktor Farcic, The New Stack

The mindset shift needed for Kubernetes adoption (Part 1)
Archana Chillala, Krishnaswamy Subramanian, and Sunit Parekh, ThoughtWorks

Tetrate, a company born out of Istio’s open-source app networking project, raises $40 million
Jonathan Shieber, TechCrunch

Snyk raises $300 million at a $4.7 billion valuation
Jonathan Shieber, TechCrunch

NetApp brings data portability to Kubernetes apps with Astra
Mike Wheatley, Silicon Angle

4 best practice steps for Kubernetes policy enforcement
Robert Brennan, The New Stack

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Cloud Native Live: Hacking Kubernetes

Ben Hirschberg @ARMO

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Your own Kubernetes castle

Adam Kozlowski @GrapeUp

March 18, 2021
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