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Schedule for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2021 – Virtual is now available!

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2021 Virtual is happening May 4-7, 2021 and the schedule is now available. Experts from organizations including Adobe, Apple, CERN, NVIDIA, and OVHcloud will deliver 100+ sessions, keynotes, lightning talks, and breakout sessions. There will also be more than 60 sessions hosted by project maintainers – spanning beginner-level introductions, end user case studies, and technical deep dives.

The technical

Tutorials, tools, and more that take you on a deep dive into the code.

Top Kubernetes Health Metrics You Must Monitor
Ajit Chelat, Logiq

Troubleshooting Services on Google Kubernetes Engine by Example
Yuri Grinshteyn, Reliability Engineer, Google Cloud

Protocol Detection and Opaque Ports in Linkerd
Charles Pretzer, Buoyant

Integrating Backpressure into the Infrastructure
Simone Busoli, NearForm

Multi-Cluster Monitoring with Thanos
Kevin Lefevre, CTO, Particule

Securing Istio Workloads with mTLS Using Cert-Manager
Josh van Leeuwen, Jetstack

Understanding the Kubernetes Event Horizon
Bryan Boreham, WeaveWorks

Introduction to Litmus Chaos | Rawkode Live
David McKay

Canary Deployments using Ketch
Saiyam Pathak, Civo

How to Manage Multi-Cluster Kubernetes with Operators
Sascha Haase, Kubermatic

Getting Started With Kubernetes: Clusters and Nodes
Sofia Parafina, Pulumi

Migrating Jenkins Freestyle Job to Multibranch Pipeline
Aman Bisht, Infracloud

ICYMI: CNCF online programs this week

A weekly summary of CNCF online programs from this week.

Rethinking your Company’s Cloud Security in the Shadow of the SolarWinds Attack
Amir Kaushansky & Leonid Sandler @ARMO

Demystifying Kubernetes Network Policy
Thomas Graf @Isovalent

The editorial

Articles, announcements, and more that give you a high-level overview of challenges and features.

In the Clouds: DevSec + SecOps w/ Kirsten Newcomer
Chris Short and Kirsten Newcomer, Red Hat

How I Became a Kubernetes Maintainer in 4 hours a Week
Matthew Broberg, Red Hat

7 Reasons to Adopt a Kubernetes Native Backup Solution
Gaurav Rishi, Kasten

How Fidelity Investments Built its Multi-cloud Strategy with Cloud Native Technologies

Upcoming CNCF Online Programs

This Week in Cloud Native (Livestream): Kubernetes Community Days: Ask me Anything
Bill Mulligan @CNCF

March 10, 2021
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Deploying K3s at the Edge for Multiplayer Gaming

Marco Mancini @OpenNebula

March 11, 2021
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