The headlines

The editors pick the highlights from the past week.

The First Six Months: CNCF Observations and 2021 Vision
Priyanka Sharma, CNCF

Priyanka Sharma reflects on her role as the General Manager of CNCF (over the last six months) and shares her philosophy for enabling #teamCloudNative going into 2021.

CNCF and the Linux Foundation, with Chris Aniszcyzk
Adam Glick and Craig Box, Kubernetes Podcast from Google

With his unique vantage point of cloud native trends, Chris Aniszczyk shares his technology journey and his predictions for 2021.

The technical

Tutorials, tools, and more that take you on a deep dive into the code.

Hoot: Advanced Istio Configuration with Envoy CRDs
Scott Weiss,

Implement Policy-based Governance Using Configuration Management of Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes
Jaya Ramanathan and Christian Stark, Red Hat

Kubernetes Readiness Probes – Examples & Common Pitfalls
Levent Ogut

Kubernetes Cost Reporting using Kubecost
Aman Juneja, Infracloud Technologies

The editorial

Articles, announcements, and more that give you a high-level overview of challenges and features.

Cilium, with Thomas Graf
Adam Glick and Craig Box, Kubernetes Podcast from Google

GitOps-based Policy Management: How to Scale in a Multi-Node, Multicloud World
Anita Buehrle, WeaveWorks

Cloud DevOps With OpenShift and JFrog
Alex Handy, Red Hat and Jeff Fry, JFrog

#61 – Containers and Security with Liz Rice (in French)
Electro Monkeys Podcast

Project Agumbe: Share Objects Across Namespaces in Kubernetes
Savithru Lokanath, Salesforce Engineering

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CNCF Project Webinar: Kubernetes 1.20
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