This past week we saw 15 new contributors ( to Kubernetes ( , growing to 283! This indicates our forecast of 1-2 new contribs / day was conservative! It’s exciting to see an average of 10-15 new contributors per week. At this rate, Kubernetes will have as many contributors as Docker (850+) by the end of 2015!

Github Pulse snapshot:

Each week, we will cover everything interesting that happened in the previous week and the coming events in the week ahead.


Brian Gracely ( interviewed Kismatic CEO Patrick Reilly ( for an upcoming CloudCast ( show:

Daniel Bryant ( wrote an InfoQ article about Arun Gupta ( ’s presentation on recipes for deploying Java EE apps with Docker and Kubernetes:

Ditlev Tøjner ( hosted a meetup in Copenhagen about how Kubernetes can help remove technical complexity from your product:


Devashish Meena ( writes about how to stand up a two-node (master/slave minimum) cluster using Vagrant. Deploy on your cloud or local setup:

Patrick Galbraith ( shared two great posts last week. First, setting up a Kubernetes cluster on VMware and second on how to launch MySQL masters and slaves on Kubernetes, achieving MySQL clustered replication:,coreos,docker,vmware/2015/03/23/kubernetes-vmware-cluster/,kubernetes,coreos,docker,vmware/2015/03/27/mysql-replication-kubernetes/

Jon Langemak ( is back this week with an update on some key changes with his Kubernetes setup:

Yasser Emam ( writes about the Docker – Kubernetes ecosystem and provides some background history on containers:

Christian Hernandez ( writes a how-to on spinning up a RHEL-based Kubernetes cluster:

Barak Michener ( writes about what makes up a modern cluster with a great OSI-framing of the container landscape:

Apps / Tools

Daniel Cannon ( built Gevvent, a social network designed to make it easy to plan events with your friends. Gevvent uses a service orientated architecture and RethinkDB deployed using Kubernetes on GCE:

Johan Euphrosine ( built podlet, a tiny CLI tool and daemon to launch Kubernetes pods on a bare Docker host:


Imesh Gunaratne ( provides an introduction to Kubernetes:

Upcoming Meetups:

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