The Headlines

Editor’s picks of the highlights from the past week.

Four Techniques Serverless Platforms Use to Balance Performance and Cost
Erwin van Eyk, InfoQ

Serverless computing is for many the logical next step in cloud computing, moving applications to a set of higher-level abstractions and offloading more of the low-level operational work to the cloud provider (regardless of whether that is a public one or an internal infrastructure team). This post gives you an idea of what is going on under the covers of the current state-of-the-art serverless platforms—especially with regards to performance and how you can influence it.

Kubernetes Security with Liz Rice
Jeff Meyerson, Software Engineering Daily

A Kubernetes cluster presents multiple potential attack surfaces: the cluster itself, a node running on the cluster, a pod running in the node, a container running in a pod. If you are managing your own Kubernetes cluster, you need to be aware of the security settings on your etcd, your API server, and your container build pipeline. In today’s show, Liz gives an overview of the security risks of a Kubernetes cluster, and provides some best practices including secret management, penetration testing, and container lifecycle management.

Back to Microservices with Istio (Part 1)
Rinor Maloku, Google

Istio is an Open Source project developed in partnership between teams from Google, IBM, and Lyft and it provides a solution to the complexities of microservice based application including traffic management, security, and observability. This article showcases how Istio removes all the above-mentioned cross-cutting concerns from our services.


Upcoming webinars on cloud native technologies.
Everything You Need to Know About the CKA and CKAD

Randy Abernethy, RX-M
February 21 @ 10 am – 11 am PST


Introducing a Lightweight Kubernetes Distribution Built for the Edge

Shannon Williams & Darren Shepherd, Rancher Labs
February 26 @ 10 am – 11 am PST

The Technical

Tutorials, tools, and more that take you on a deep dive into the code.

Kubernetes Storage Performance Comparison
Jakub Pavlík, Volterra
Pimp My Kubernetes Shell
Eric Liu, ITNEXT

If you liked ksonnet, you’ll love Pulumi!
Mike Metral, Pulumi

Kubernetes Operations: Prioritize Workload in Overcommitted Clusters
Neil Peterson, Microsoft

Containerd on a more secure MicroK8s
K. Tsakalozos, ITNEXT

Hands on Knative — Part 3
Mete Atamel, Google

Use Istio traffic mirroring for quicker debugging
Heiko W. Rupp, ITNEXT

Helm Basics — Using Tillerless
Johnny Eric Amancio, Farfetch

How to Bootstrap Kubernetes the hard way!
Yair Etziony, Polar Squad

Swift + Docker + Kubernetes = Awesome Deployments from macOS
Shashikant Jagtap, XCBlog

The Editorial

Articles, announcements, and more that give you a high-level overview of challenges and features.

How VSCO Saved 70% with Kubernetes
Julie Dam, CNCF

Running your own DBaaS based on your preferred DBs, Kubernetes operators and containerized storage
Evan Powell, MayaData

Ingress, with Tim Hockin
Craig Box & Adam Glick, Google

AT&T’s Kubernetes Bet Tests Network Virtualization’s Limits
Mitch Wagner, Light Reading

Envoy and the Programmable Edge: Edge Proxies and the Developer Experience
Daniel Bryant, The New Stack

Manage your Kubernetes clusters with a terminal-based UI
Sarah Schlothauer, JAXenter

Kubernetes job interview questions: How to prepare
Kevin Casey, The Enterprisers Project

5 Key Considerations for Managed Kubernetes
Robert Richardson, Container Journal

Kubernetes: piloting the cybernetic dreamboat
Sam Galson, YLD

Last Week in Kubernetes Development – February 17, 2019
Josh Berkus, Red Hat

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