The Headlines

Editor’s picks of the highlights from the past week.

Moving the needle on ( kubeadm ( in Kubernetes 1.11 (
Erin Muetzel, Heptio

Kubernetes 1.11 was released two weeks ago — it was a huge accomplishment for everyone involved and the release includes a swath of new functionality. A key focus area for the community is making Kubernetes easier to deploy and upgrade, and part of that work includes making improvements to kubeadm. This post covers what kubeadm is, why you should use it, and how SIG-Cluster-Lifecycle and Heptio are working to move kubeadm forward.

IPVS-Based In-Cluster Load Balancing Deep Dive (
Jun Du, Haibin Xie, Wei Liang, Huawei

In Kubernetes 1.11 ( , IPVS-Based In-Cluster Service Load Balancing graduated to General Availability. In this blog, SIG-Networking will take you through a deep dive of the feature including what IPVS is and why you should use this new feature to increase scalability.

How the Kubernetes Release Process Differs from Other Open Source Projects (
Sean Michael Kerner, ServerWatch

While Kubernetes releases were originally all led by Google staffers, that has changed in the last two years, with a rigorous release management Special Interest Group (SIG) that has mandated a new leader will be selected for each release. For the 1.11 release, the role of release lead was held by Red Hat’s Josh Berkus, who explains the differences between Kubernetes and other open source project releases.
New Webinar: What’s New in Kubernetes 1.11

Kubernetes 1.11 Release Team
July 31 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am PDT

The Technical

Tutorials, tools, and more that take you on a deep dive into the code.

CoreDNS GA for Kubernetes Cluster DNS (
John Belamaric, Infoblox

Kubernetes: Routing Internal Services Through FQDN (
Jonathan Campos, Bottle Rocket Studios

Setting up Google Cloud with Kubernetes, Nginx Ingress and Let’s Encrypt (Certmanager) (
Dries De Smet, 3State

Segregating Jenkins Agents on Kubernetes (
Kurt Madel, CloudBees

CI/CD using CircleCI and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) (
Adam Maus, Center for Health Enhancement Systems Studies

A Tutorial Introduction to Kubernetes (
Ulaş Türkmen, Twyla

A friendly introduction to Kubernetes (
Faizan Bashir, Softway

Kubernetes and external DNS services (
Toader Sebastian, Banzai Cloud

Introducing the OpenFaaS Operator for Serverless on Kubernetes (
Alex Ellis, VMWare

Kubernetes Run-time Security: Automate Sysdig Falco Deployment Using Helm Charts (
Néstor Salceda, Sysdig

Backup and Restore Kubernetes Resources with Heptio Ark (
Björn Wenzel, koudingspawn
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The Editorial

Articles, announcements, and more that give you a high-level overview of challenges and features.

Meet Our Contributors – Monthly Streaming YouTube Mentoring Series (—monthly-streaming-youtube-mentoring-series/)
Paris Pittman, Google

How Monzo leveraged AWS and Kubernetes to build an agile retail bank (
Tom Allen, Computing News

Kubernetes explained in pictures: the theme park analogy (
Daniel Lebrero, Akvo

Nirmata Adds On-Premises CaaS Based on Kubernetes (
Mike Vizard, Container Journal

How the Azure Kubernetes Service Makes Developers More Productive (
Alex Williams & Mary Branscombe, The New Stack

Kubernetes Autoscaling 101: Cluster Autoscaler, Horizontal Pod Autoscaler, and Vertical Pod Autoscaler (
Mohamed Ahmed, Magalix

Arriving at Continuous Integration and Deployment: From ECS to Kubernetes using Docker (
Hector Sahagun, VideoAmp


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