As we march towards Kubernetes v1, this past week we saw the official transition of the API to v1 in head! The Bashton post also sparked some lively discussions on Hacker News. On the history behind picking a name for the project, Kubernetes co-creator Craig Mcluckie commented, “We wanted to stick to the nautical theme that was emerging in containers and ‘Kubernetes’ (or Helmsmen in Greek) seemed about right. The fact that the word has strong roots in modern control theory was nice also. Fun fact: we actually wanted to call it ‘seven’ after seven-of-nine (a more attractive Borg) but for obvious reasons that didn’t work out. :)”


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Events This Week

June 8th: Modern container orchestration: Kubernetes, CoreOS and more ( in New York

June 9th: Container Management – Contain in London

June 10th: Codeaholics June Meetup ( in Hong Kong

June 11th: The Makings of a Modern Application Architecture ( in Waltham, MA

June 11th: London DevOps Meetup #10 ( in London

June 11th: Containers in Production with Docker, CoreOs, Kubernetes and Apache Stratos ( in New York

June 12th: Google NEXT ( in New York