Free EBook – Kubernetes Deployment and Security Patterns

Containers are now the de-facto go-to for application development and deployment. But as the enterprise adopts this technology, there are also questions – how are other companies deploying and using Kubernetes? What patterns are they using to manage their workloads? And what security considerations should operators be aware of?

This free e-book from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation in partnership with The New Stack answers all those questions – and more – in detail. In this 90-page book you’ll get:

  • The results of recent surveys (one from the CNCF and the other from The New Stack) detailing how current Kubernetes operators are using the software.
  • A recommendation of deployment patterns designed to help cluster operators deploy Kubernetes to manage containerized workloads.
  • A comparison of varying levels of control, costs and features to expect from different deployment patterns such as self hosted/custom, managed Kubernetes, CaaS and PaaS platforms.
  • Analysis of emerging scenarios utilizing Kubernetes such as machine learning, serverless, edge computing and streaming analytics.
  • A detailed list of security considerations including threat models and various security considerations for a Kubernetes deployment, along with some best practices for operators to follow.
Kubernetes Deployment & Security Patterns ebook cover

So if you’re currently using Kubernetes – or even considering it – this ebook is indispensable. Sign up now to download your free copy!