Edge Computing: It’s not just a bunch of small clouds

By: Satish Salagame, September 18, 2018 

You’re probably in a room with at least a dozen objects that are connected to the internet. And if you’re not, it won’t be long before you are. All that connectivity, and all of those devices, require a new way of thinking about cloud infrastructure, and that new way is called Edge Computing.

But creating effective edge computing infrastructure requires much more than just creating a bunch of small-footprint clouds and connecting them to a central core.

Join Mirantis Director of Engineering Satish Salagame for an in-depth technical discussion of:

  • What edge computing actually is and why it matters
  • How edge enables 5G and why your phone might already be using it
  • Why traditional enterprises may find themselves needing edge computing
  • Which open source technologies are involved in making edge computing possible
  • How Kubernetes fits into the Edge Cloud architecture
  • Technological issues you must resolve in order to successfully implement edge computing

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