Currently in progress, Intel is deploying 1000 nodes at Switch, Las Vegas, to be used by the CNCF community.

If you would like to be involved with the CNCF Cluster Community, check out GitHub:

Compute Node Spec

  • 2x Intel E5-2680v3 12-core
  • 256GB RAM
  • 2x Intel S3610 400GB SSD
  • 1x Intel P3700 800GB NVMe PCIe SSD
  • 1x QP Intel X710

Storage Node Spec

  • 2x Intel E5-2680v3 12-core
  • 128GB RAM
  • 2x Intel S3610 400GB SSD
  • 10x Intel 2TB NLSAS HDD
  • 1x QP Intel X710″


The following is expected from the CNCF cluster users:

  • The cluster is used for the purposes of open source projects only. CNCF related projects and projects demonstrating intent of upstreaming code will be given priority.
  • Users of the cluster preserve the rare value that the cluster represents: size and bare metal.
  • Users do not tamper or misuse the infrastructure. The governance committee will closely monitor usage and WILL blacklist users or organizations from using the cluster if they detect any misuse or tampering.
  • Users return the servers back to a well-defined and understood baseline post use.
  • Users ensure that no proprietary software or data on the cluster is intentionally exposed.
  • Neither CNCF nor Intel bears the responsibility for exposure of proprietary information under any circumstances.
  • At this point, we do not expect any physical changes to be requested to the cluster. Hence, there is no expectation that there needs to be any on-site presence.