Introduction to Kubernetes (free!)

Is your team beginning to use Kubernetes for container orchestration? Do you need guidelines on how to start transforming your organization with Kubernetes and cloud native patterns? Would you like to simplify software container orchestration and find a way to grow your use of Kubernetes without adding infrastructure complexity? Then this is the course for you!

In this edX course, we’ll discuss some of Kubernetes’ basic concepts and talk about the architecture of the system, the problems it solves, and the model that it uses to handle containerized deployments and scaling.

Difficulty: Beginner

Length: 4-5 weeks, 2-3 hours/week

Who It’s For: Developers and system administrators who want to get started with Kubernetes.

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Kubernetes Fundamentals

So you’ve heard of Kubernetes but have no idea what it is or how it works? Then this is the course for you. It will take you from zero to knowing how to deploy a containerized application and manipulate resources via the API.

You’ll learn:

  • Kubernetes architecture
  • Deployment
  • How to access the cluster
  • Secrets and ConfigMaps
  • And much more!

This course maps directly to the requirements for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate

Length: Online Self-Paced

Who It’s For: Developers and system administrators who want to get started with Kubernetes and gain more skills.

Cost $299 | Register Here

Kubernetes for Developers

This course will teach you how to containerize, host, deploy, and configure an application in a multi-node cluster. Starting with a simple Python script, you will define application resources and use core primitives to build, monitors and troubleshoot scalable applications in Kubernetes. Working with network plugins, security and cloud storage, you will be exposed to many of the features needed to deploy an application in a production environment.

In this course you’ll learn how to:

  • Containerize and deploy a new Python script
  • Configure the deployment with ConfigMaps, Secrets and SecurityContexts
  • Understand multi-container pod design
  • Configure probes for pod health
  • Update and roll back an application
  • Implement services and NetworkPolicies
  • Use PersistentVolumeClaims for state persistence
  • And more!

This course is designed to be vendor- and distribution-neutral, so you will be able to apply these concepts universally.

This course maps directly to the requirements for the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer exam from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Length: Online Self-Paced

Who It’s For: Developers looking to learn how to deploy, configure, and test their containerized applications on a multi-node Kubernetes cluster.

Cost $299 | Register Here

Kubernetes Training Partners (KTP) Details

Although CNCF offers the online training courses above, we also encourage other companies to offer Kubernetes training that aligns with the Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam.

Of these Kubernetes training offerings, we recognize a select group of Kubernetes Training Partners. This is a tier of vetted training providers who have deep experience in cloud native technology training. The requirements for becoming a KTP are as follows:

  • Ability to demonstrate your training capabilities by meeting strict benchmarks for experience and quality, including the ability to provide references from students who have completed your training courses and from major organizations that have used your training services.
  • Are an existing KCSP, including deep knowledge of Kubernetes and involvement in the community.
  • Reseller of the CKA and/or CKAD exam.
  • Be a CNCF member.
  • Have a landing page that includes information on your Kubernetes training offering.

Individuals or corporations who are looking for specialized training that maps directly to the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) and Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) exams can choose from a list of KTPs who have passed this highly-rigorous qualification process.

Interested in becoming a KTP? Apply Now

If you are interested in creating your own Kubernetes training courses, CNCF has open sourced the curriculum around which that exam has been created for the benefit of companies offering training.

If you don’t want to build you own course from scratch, the instructor-led version of Kubernetes Fundamentals (LFS458) is already available and as an Authorized Training Partner, you are able to re-sell it. LFS458 is updated for each Kubernetes release and already maps directly to the CKA exam.

If you are interested in becoming an exam reseller, we also offer wholesale pricing on our exams to training companies purchasing in bulk. For more information on becoming a Linux Foundation authorized training/certification partner or exam reseller, or for questions about purchasing our exams in bulk, please contact training@cncf.ioFor questions on the KTP program, please email

Kubernetes Training Partners