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EnterpriseTech: “Containers Marching to Production, Survey Finds”

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The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) said this week the steady enterprise embrace of the Kubernetes container orchestrator continues as early adopters use the platform to push applications from development to the cloud. The foundation also reported an uptick in adoption of serverless technologies in which cloud providers manage the allocation of computing resources. READ MORE.

The New Stack: “Trends to Follow at KubeCon 2017”

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KubeCon is this week, and 2018 is just around the corner. After a year that saw a massive evolution of the data center and the technologies connected to it now is the time to reflect on where this industry is headed, and the challenges that we will need to confront. With that in mind, here’s what we are looking forward to hearing more about at KubeCon. READ MORE.

The Changelog 276: The Cloud Native Computing Foundation with Dan Kohn

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Dan Kohn, Executive Director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, joined the show to talk about what it means to be Cloud Native, the ins and outs of Dan’s role to the foundation, how they make money to sustain things, membership, the support they give to open source projects, the home they’ve given to Kubernetes, Prometheus and many other projects that have become the de facto projects to build cloud native applications on.


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We’ll be at the upcoming KubeCon + CloudNativeCon so if you’re going to be there make sure you’re on the lookout for a Changelog tee and say hi.

The Women in Tech Show: “KubeCon with Michelle Noorali”

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Tech conferences are a place where we can learn about the industry trends and projects that people at other companies are working on. We can also go there to speak about our own experiences. In this episode Michelle Noorali, explains how tech conferences are structured and gives tips on talk submissions. We talked about KubeCon, the largest Kubernetes conference in the world. Michelle is co-chair of this conference and she explained the process of creating an interesting agenda and how talk submissions are evaluated. Michelle is also a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft. READ MORE.

TechCrunch: “36 companies agree to a Kubernetes certification standard”

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The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) announced today that 36 members have agreed to a set of certification standards for Kubernetes, the immensely popular open source container orchestration tool. This should make it easy for users to move from one version to another without worry, while ensuring that containers under Kubernetes management will behave in a predictable way. READ MORE.

VentureBeat: “IBM, Google, Microsoft, and 33 more partner to ensure Kubernetes workload portability”

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The Kubernetes ecosystem is taking a big step today aimed at fulfilling the promise of fully portable application workloads. Thirty-six technology companies have announced their participation in Kubernetes Conformance, a certification program that’s aimed at ensuring different pieces of software provide a consistent experience when using the open source container orchestration software. READ MORE.

SDxCentral: “Exploding Container Usage Behind Prometheus 2.0 Monitoring Update”

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The open source Prometheus project unveiled an updated version of its container-monitoring platform, touting improved performance and increased stability. Updates in the latest version, dubbed Prometheus 2.0, include a more efficient time-series database storage format; improved handling of stale data from containers; and the ability to support full database snapshot backups. READ MORE.

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